What Does The Homeschool Mom Want For Teacher Appreciation Day?

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, the question comes to mind: “Is there a Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day? How does that work?”

What Does The Homeschool Mom Want For Teacher Appreciation Day?

Should Homeschool Moms Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day? How?

That’s a good question. After all, we mothers are the ones that do the planning and the work, so wouldn’t we just be throwing a party day for ourselves? Some might say, “Let’s just skip the planning, and the party, and have enjoy a nap and a movie instead!” An uninterrupted afternoon is as valuable as any tangible gift. And with everything we have to plan and organize, do we want to add planning a teacher appreciation party to our list?

But homeschool teachers do definitely deserve the appreciation. Homeschooling is challenging, hard work. We give so much. But since homeschooling is so different than other schooling methods, then it would follow that Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day will probably look different, too.

1. Let the Kids Plan The Day

Instead of planning and organizing anything for the day, let the kids take the lead. If your kids are over the age of 5, they can plan a party or special afternoon and even decorate all by themselves. Take your kids shopping (or ask Dad or Grandma to take them,) so they can buy any supplies. Remind the kids to keep it simple. After all, it’s not really about the party. Let the afternoon be about spending fun time with the kids while they say “thank you.”

2. Plan a Day or Afternoon for Yourself

Alternatively, you might rather take time for yourself that you don’t normally take. What sounds lovely to you? Sitting in a hammock with a good book or in a coffee shop with a magazine? A pedicure and a hair cut? How about a movie and a nap or an evening out with girlfriends? Thing is, while appreciation from our family is always nice, we mothers can often be the hardest on ourselves. Take a few hours to remind yourself that you’re doing pretty good at this homeschool thing.

3. Plan a Secret Homeschool Sisters Swap

Instead of one of the above, or maybe in addition to them, you might also organize a secret swap with your homeschool mom friends. Like Secret Santa, those who want to participate can put their names in the hat and everyone can draw a name. To do the gift exchange, you can plan a get together at the park with the other moms and their kids, meet only the moms at a coffee shop, or plan to mail them to each other.

So What Do Homeschool Moms Really Want For Teacher Appreciation Day?

If your kids (or husband) need a little help in the gift-giving department as mine often do, maybe you can suggestively slip them this little list.

  1. A bag or box of Mom’s favorite drink (favorite brand of coffee, hot tea, etc.)
  2. Three hours home alone to do whatever Mom wants.
  3. Take-out from Mom’s favorite restaurant so mom doesn’t have to cook.
  4. Mom’s RedBox Movie Night (mom gets to pick the movie rental and the movie snacks.)
  5. Handmade thank you cards and thank you notes from the kids.
  6. Queen for a Day: Mom gets a crown and the kids do all the work for the day.
  7. Homemade brownies or cookies made by the kids.
  8. Gift Certificate for a pedicure – OR- homemade coupon for foot rub from the kids.
  9.  A Hobby Box – a gift basket of items that correspond to Mom’s favorite hobby
  10. A completely clean house (I’ve been asking for this for every birthday and holiday for years!)
  11. A fun outing with the family, planned by Dad or one of the kids.

All of these gifts of appreciation are great, but mostly, moms just want to know that they are loved, that their hard work is appreciated, and that they are doing a good job, right? I think that’s what we want most of all.


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Amber is an eclectic homeschooling mother of three tweens and teens, who is also a wife, writer, artist, pastor's wife, singer, chef, maid, and chauffeur. Don't think she's got it all together, though--some days she's barely just a mom.

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