8 Easy Ways for Homeschoolers to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm

Christmas can be a magical time. The decorations make our house look festive, there are often yummy smells in the air, our hearts are full as we contemplate giving to others, and our kids are on their best behavior. Well, they’re on their best behavior when they remember they should be. Unfortunately, Christmas can also be a stressful time. We have many extra demands on our time, there are multiple family commitments which make our weeks hectic, and we often feel like we have to maintain a frenetic pace to keep up.

8 Advent Traditions You Should Adopt in Your Homeschool

Every family has very unique holiday and Advent traditions that are often passed down through multiple generations. Our family is very culturally diverse and we have adopted a great deal of them. We are one of those families that really goes all out. Every single year. We’ve been known to overwhelm and even scare some of our friends. With that in mind, I’d like to share some traditions we’ve adopted though the years, and hope you do too.

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Your Homeschool

Homeschooling during the holidays can be tough! There is so much excitement in the air with thoughts of family and good times to be had. Take the time to plan ahead and include fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in your homeschool. You will be so thankful that you thought ahead and found ways to engage your kids as you prepare for this holiday.

May is Latino Book Month!

May, according to the Association of American Publishers, is Latino Book Month! I am a Latina. My mother’s side of the family is Hispanic (Puerto Rican by birth and culturally Cuban), and even though I’ve always been a voracious reader, I have to be honest that I’ve been a little short on books written by Latina authors. So the researcher in me got to researchin’…

50 Things To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

As a lifelong New Englander, one of my favorite things to experience is the transition from winter to spring. As the days lengthen and the sun shines brighter, we open our windows and turn our faces toward the sun. Everyone is happier, lighter. There is an energy that is hard to describe unless you, too, have survived a long winter. Creating a Spring Bucket List during February and March is a wonderful way to stave off those late winter blahs! It gives you hope for a sunnier, happier future.

10 Earth Day Challenges For Your Homeschool

Earth Day is a fantastic way to include important reminders in your homeschool about taking care of our environment.  All subject areas can be addressed as you look at what Earth Day is and how to celebrate it. Along with educational lessons, you can spread the vital message to your children about taking steps to help the world we live in.

A Book and a Big Idea: Spring

Everyone loves picture books! Those of you with little ones have the privilege of reading these delightful gems every day. Those of you with older children might see him or her tiptoe in the room to quietly listen as you read to your younger ones. This blog hop is in honor of our love for picture books, no matter how old our children are. A Book and a Big Idea shares a treasured picture book and one or more activities to enrich the story. The Big Idea may be a craft, a recipe, a printable, anything goes!

Easter Signs: The Easy Way to Make Your Easter Awesome

Easter time is my favorite time of year. It’s the best time for new things, growth, and improvement. What better way to enjoy springtime than by learning new Easter signs in sign language? You’re right, there’s not much better. Sitting around the dinner table is my kids’ favorite time to ask me how to sign some new word they just thought of.

10 Ways to Wear Kids Out When the Weather Isn’t Cooperating

Last winter was brutal. A poorly-timed home renovation, every virus that crossed our path, and the snowiest winter ever in NH. All of these things made for a conglomeration of crabbiness that lasted from November until almost April. This winter, I’m determined to make up for lost time. If this winter ends up being a repeat of last winter, I am prepared.

Activities for Homeschool Snow Days

What do you do when snow days come? Do you take the day off and send the kids out to play? Do you dive into a snowy unit study? Do you throw your hands up in frustration as the kids start bouncing off the walls because they are cooped up? Join us as we explore ideas, learning activities and fun tips for making the most of your homeschool snow days.

Surviving the Winter Blahs

As the season changes to winter, many of us experience changes as well…in mood, sleep patterns, energy, and even food cravings. For many people, these changes lead to seasonal depression. Whether you have slight or severe winter blues, these lists of suggestions and encouragements will be just the pick-me-ups you need this winter.

10 Ways to Study Nature in Winter

We absolutely love nature study in our home, however as soon as the cold weather hits it seems to get a lot harder to keep it up. The kids (OK, usually I) don’t love being out in the fierce cold for too long.  It also seems like there is just nothing to study in the winter because so much of it goes away in the colder months of the year. Nature does still live on through the winter, though! You just have to get a little more creative in how you look at it. Today I want to share with you 10 ways to study nature in the winter so you can stay motivated through the coldest months.

10 Homeschool Holiday Traditions

As we progress through our 4th year of homeschooling, we are excited to continue (and add!) to our homeschool holiday traditions. Some activities have shifted from family holiday traditions into our homeschool day. Other customs have developed as we learn and grow together during the holidays. I love incorporating special times like holidays into our homeschool. By adding hands-on and creative learning activities and games, I am able to help my boys channel their pre-holiday excitement into positive learning opportunities. Also, I get much better cooperation and engagement when I mix in holiday themes with our typical homeschool routine.

A Book and a Big Idea: Winter and Christmas

Everyone loves picture books! Those of you with little ones have the privilege of reading these delightful gems every day. Those of you with older children might see him or her tiptoe in the room to quietly listen as you read to your younger ones. And some of you may be blessed to witness, out of the corner of your eye, an older child taking another peek at a long forgotten picture book on the shelf.

Christmas Break Tasks for the Homeschool Mom

Ah, Christmas break!! This is a time that all families look forward to. For the homeschool family, however, it might be a rather, um, fluid concept. The kids aren’t the only ones still dabbling in school tasks over break. A homeschool mom has school-related things she could do over the holidays, too, to help get ready for next semester. I’ve put together a list of tasks that I would like to make it a priority to get to, as far as is reasonable within the conditions of the holiday season.

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Homeschooling Dads

Homeschooling dads are unsung heroes, often working behind the scenes to keep the homeschooling family humming along. They’re often the breadwinner, or take an active role in cooking, cleaning or teaching at home. Let’s celebrate the men in our lives by surprising them with some fun stocking stuffers for dads!

5 Days of Christmas Hopscotch

“It’s beginning to look a lot like…” As you prepare for the holiday season we are sharing a fun little hop. Just hop from blog to blog with us as we gear up to celebrate the season with this 5 days of Christmas Hopscotch.