8 Ideas for Homeschool Summer STEM

8 Ideas for Homeschool Summer STEM

This list may be just what you need to kick your summer into scientific overdrive! As a parent, you’ll love having these handy go-to STEM experiments and ideas right at your fingertips. Your kids will love getting messy, getting wet and I am betting that this summer will live in their memory as their favorite summer ever!

1. Summer Multiplication Printable Pack  by Meagan at More Than a Homeschool Mom

With Summer comes the need to practice before starting a new school year. If you have a child who is working on their multiplication facts this year you won’t want to miss this summer multiplication printable pack.

2. Fairy House STEM by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley at My Little Poppies

Cait considers fort-building to be the original STEM challenge, but for many years her children have preferred an outdoor STEM challenge of much tinier proportions.

3. Poolside STEM by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley at My Little Poppies

Who needs functional toys when you have a bunch of busted pieces and some pool noodles??

4. Simple Pond Study by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley at My Little Poppies

I don’t recall much from my preschool years, but I do have a vivid memory of exploring a pond. Armed with empty milk jugs, we collected water and dumped it in a basin to see what we had captured. We had magnifying glasses and, looking through them, we made countless, excited, discoveries.

5. Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game by Selena at Look! We’re Learning!

Selena says, “Math has been an issue in our family, especially since several of our children are living with ADHD. But with this easy sidewalk chalk outdoor math game, my active kids got some arithmetic practice done while moving!” We agree! What a great activity.

6. Giant Bubbles for Giant Smiles by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley at My Little Poppies

This Giant Bubble recipe creates GIANT smiles for people of all ages. Put simply, these bubbles spread joy. Cait continues to spread GIANT smiles by sharing the recipe with you!

7. 7 Creative Ideas for Summer Math Practice by Sara at The Homeschool Post

Just because you are taking a break from your formal homeschooling for the summer, doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of ways to include fun summer math practice. This applies to year-round homeschoolers who want some summer-themed math practice, too.

8. Buggy Fun for Summer by Bonnie Way at the Koala Mom

Much to the dismay of their mothers, toddlers hold a relentless fascination for bugs. They follow, squish, catch and even eat them! Perhaps the novelty lies in the never-ending variety of creepy crawlers or that bugs are smaller than these little ones. Here are some simple buggy fun activities that will enchant your children this summer.

Summer is packed full of holidays to thrill the science lover in your family.


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