Easy Valentine’s Day DIY for Kids

Easy Valentine's Day DIY for Kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and my kids love to get involved in making Valentines for their friends. These cute DIY Valentines can be given to friends at extracurricular activities, enrichment groups, or even to neighbors!

Making Valentines can be a good way to teach kids about appreciating those around us that may get overlooked on a day-to-day basis. Leave a Valentine “thank you” for the mailman, trash collector, or a favorite librarian. The large hearts on the template are great for these tokens of thanks and also make good-sized Valentines for teachers, parents and grandparents. If your child has a sibling have them make a Valentine for their brother or sister telling them a few things they love about them. This can be a good family togetherness activity. I know my kids could use a little motivation to be kinder to one another these days!

Supplies for DIY Valentines:

DIY Valentines Activity

  1. Start by painting one side of the construction paper red. Let the paint dry.
  2. Print the free heart template and choose the size of heart you’ll need for your DIY Valentines. We used the smallest heart on the template.
  3. Cut out the heart and flip the foam sheet over with the glittered side down. Trace around the heart to create rows of hearts on the back of the foam sheet. Cut the hearts out.
  4. Stick the hearts a few inches apart on the painted paper. Cut the Valentines into squares and write a message on the back.

diy valentines

Enjoy handing out these Valentines to the special people in your life!

diy valentines

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