10 Self-Care Tips For Back-To-Homeschool Time

10 Self-Care Tips For Back-To-Homeschool Time

Can you feel it in the air?  Back-to-homeschool time is quickly approaching for many homeschoolers.  (For year-round homeschoolers, I’m sure you can sense the need for a break or at least time for self-care!)

If you will be starting a new homeschool year very soon-or just need to recharge those homeschool batteries, sit back with a cup of your favorite beverage to find refreshment with these 10 Self-Care Tips for Back-To-Homeschool Time.  You will discover that these tips are beneficial no matter what time of year or where you are in your homeschool journey.

I am here to give you permission to take time to care for you.  You have my permission to do all of these things as you prepare, begin, or pause in your homeschool year.  Gentle reminders of taking care of yourself are vital to the well-being of yourself, your family, and your homeschool.

10 Self-Care Tips For Back-To-Homeschool Time

1.  Prayer

Taking time to connect with God through prayer is important for your peace of mind and stability.  No matter your personal beliefs, a time for prayer, meditation, or reflection is key to establishing a source of strength from which you can progress.

2.  Breathe

Back-to-homeschool time can feel quite overwhelming.  Anxiety can creep in and steal away your joy for the prospects of a new year.  Don’t let fear rob you of your enthusiasm!

Sit down (better yet-lay down on the ground if you can!).  Flex all your muscles and release the tension.  Breathe in for 2-3 seconds and allow positive, spiritual energy to flow into your being.  Hold for a moment and absorb the peace.  Exhale all the anxiety and negative for a count of 4-5 seconds.  Repeat this cycle ten times.  Do as often as necessary or you can.  When momma is relaxed, your homeschool process will be relaxed!

3.  Make “Me Time”

I know, I know.  You are a busy homeschool mom with tons of lessons to plan and curriculum to sort.  Guess what?  Those lesson plans and curriculum will be there, waiting for you after you take some much-needed “me time”.

What does “me time” look like?  Well, that depends on what YOU need to recharge!  Perhaps you reenergize with exercise?  Is shopping your jolt of happiness?  Maybe you like to soak in a hot bath with a good book?  Or maybe you crave a few extra hours of sleep to feel like you?

Whatever it is, promise me that you will find someone to give you the time you need to reconnect with yourself.  (And I am preaching to myself here – let’s hold each other accountable!)

4.  Connect

Taking time to connect with family, friends, and other homeschoolers is also a must. Meeting face-to-face is probably the best way to feel a sense of connection and discuss issues that will help you rock your homeschool.  If you do not have that option, online connections via email, Skype, Facebook, and Periscope are all excellent ways to make friends and feel understood.  I know of a fantastic Facebook group to make fun and encouraging online homeschool connections – Rock Your Homeschool!

5.  Professional Development

Although you may not always feel like a professional when you have fingerpaint dripping down your cheek or teach history in your pajamas (I’m not the only one who does this, right?), you are a professional! Make time to find resources that inspire and encourage you.  Two resources that have been invaluable to me this summer as I prepare for our upcoming homeschool year are Julie Bogart’s The Writers Jungle and Sarah Mackenzie’s Teaching From Rest.

If you are able, attending a homeschool convention is supposedly a wonderful experience.  (I have yet to do so!)  I was able to attend Lori of The End In Mind‘s online homeschool conference with amazing speakers like Leah Boden and Tricia Hodges.  Truly an uplifting experience that has made me focus on our homeschool with new eyes!

6.  Meal Planning

How can meal planning help you take care of yourself?  If you are like me, it will help reduce afternoon stress.  I am by no means a good cook and dinner is not one of my favorite meals to prepare.  When I have a meal plan, my grocery shopping and prep time flow so much more smoothly.  Also, my older boys are able to chip in and help when I have future lunch and dinner plans written in our family calendar.  Momma, take it from me-find an effective way to meal plan and take care of yourself!

7.  Organization

An organized homeschool is a happy homeschool.  (That’s a motto somewhere, right?)  I have learned this lesson this past year.  Our homeschool was a hot mess of disorganization.

And then Kristi Clover and her Ultimate Homeschool Organization Course came to the rescue!  This self-described book and curriculum hoarder has decluttered, formed a course of study for each boy, and prepared our homeschool area.  Also, I have planned out our entire homeschool year using a Clover Crate.  Happy dance time!

8.  Planning

I am also a self-described planner girl.  Finding a homeschool planner that you will enjoy and actually use is a must for self-care as a homeschooler.  When you are able to formulate and access homeschool plans, your stress level will decrease.  You will be able to help your homeschool successfully function and have more time for…

9. Fun

Do not forget about this fundamental factor-FUN!  You can have fun as you prepare for your homeschool year.  Pop on some favorite tunes and enjoy the process.  Schedule in some fun activities for your back-to-homeschool first day (or week).  Plan for breaks in your homeschool year, as well as fun times like field trips and vacations.

10.  Take It Slow!

You may be feeling the crunch to get started with your homeschool year.  Ask yourself – who are you feeling the pressure from?  Yourself?  Rushing will not help your homeschool year get off to the successful start that you want.

Ease into your homeschool schedule.  Use your back-to-homeschool first day to celebrate your new curriculum, supplies, ideas, and year.  Plant the seeds of excitement for learning fun to come!  When you feel calm and steady, those vibes will pass through your homeschool.

I hope that these 10 Self-Care Tips For Back-To-Homeschool Time give you ideas and encouragement to take time for you.  What self-care tips would you recommend to other homeschoolers?


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  1. I think it's great that you mentioned the importance of taking a moment to breathe in order to relieve home-school anxiety. My son has been interested in homeschooling lately. Hopefully, I can learn how to help him thrive in a new academic environment.

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